About Gurkha Durbar

Gurkha Durbar Our specialty is Nepalese Royal (Durbari) cuisine, which is famous all over the globe. For those unfamiliar with Nepalese Durbari cuisine, it is a particular style of cooking indigenous to the Nepalese subcontinent and evolved during the Shahi Empire. The taste and flavour of Durbari cuisine varies from mild to spicy and is characterised by the exotic use of spices, dry fruits and nuts that gives it a distinctive aroma and taste. We, at Gurkha Durbar, are determined to re-create the magic of those golden times and bring to you the same authentic Durbari flavour right here in your neighbourhood.

We also offer catering services and private in-house parties where you can try a multitude of mouth-watering dishes and make your day deliciously memorable. Our opening time is from 5pm to 11pm Sunday to Saturday, 7 days a week.

So come and tantalize your palate with us!!!

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